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What is the difference between pet insurance and a pet wellness plan?

Wellness plans and pet insurance are two distinct options that can simplify your pet's healthcare affordability. Each option offers unique advantages, and our North Providence veterinarians are here today to discuss them with you.

Help Protect Your Pet's Future

Wellness plans and pet insurance policies offer distinct advantages. Understanding their coverage services is crucial to avoid financial difficulties when seeking veterinary care for your pet.

What is a wellness plan?

Wellness plans enable you to defray the expenses of routine veterinary services. Unlike pet insurance, you only incur charges for the treatments and services you utilize in a given year.

With wellness plans, you adopt a proactive stance toward veterinary care, paying a modest monthly fee instead of a substantial sum per visit. 

These plans enable your vet to identify early signs of any conditions or diseases your pet might be undergoing before they escalate and become costlier to manage.

What does a wellness plan cover?

Generally, wellness plans cover routine veterinary services, including wellness exams, parasite preventives, annual blood testing, and vaccines. Improving and maintaining your pet's overall health throughout their lifetime is more accessible because these plans spread out the cost of routine veterinary care.

What is pet insurance?

If your pet needs emergency veterinary care, pet insurance will assist you in covering the treatment costs. Emergency treatment and the management of conditions like cancer or diabetes can become quite costly.

Pet insurance provides financial support for covering expenses related to covered conditions and accidents outlined in your policy.

What does pet insurance cover?

Most pet insurance policies differ but typically cover the cost of treating illnesses or emergency care needed due to accidents. Some policies may additionally encompass prescription medications and the treatment of hereditary, congenital, or orthopedic conditions.

How do I choose which option to buy?

Understanding the benefits of wellness plans and pet insurance can aid you in choosing the most suitable option for you and your pet.

Some pet owners opt for a wellness plan or pet insurance, while others choose both to ensure comprehensive pet coverage.

To determine the right choice for your specific circumstances, consult your veterinarian. They can guide you based on your pet's unique requirements and concerns.

Help keep your pet healthy by choosing one of our annual pet wellness plans. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call your local vets in North Providence today.

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