Our Veterinarians

Our Veterinary Team


Our veterinarians bring a variety of experience to Ferguson Animal Hospital. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to combine their efforts, often collaborating on the care given to your pets. This unique experience backed by a dedicated support team and our use of state of the art equipment helps ensure a full and healthy life for your beloved pet. 




Amy C. Dwyer, DVM

From: South Orange, New Jersey

Undergraduate Studies: Haverford College, Bachelor's Degree in Cellular Molecular Biology.

Veterinary School: Tufts University.

Dr.'s Pets: Cats; "Henry" and "Emily"



Dana Carne, VDM

From: Caldwell, New Jersey

Undergraduate Studies: Rutgers University, Bachelor of Science in Biology

Veterinary School: University of Pennsylvania

Dr.'s Pets: Cats: "Nick" and "Doug"

Dogs; "Marty"



Nicole Govoni, DVM

Undergraduate Studies: Stonehill College, North Easton MA


Veterinary School: Tufts University


Dr.'s Pet: Dog: "Cindy Lou"



Ryan Donahue, VMD

          From: Howell, New Jersey



Undergraduate Studies: B.S. Biology, College of New Jersey 


Veterinary School: University of Pennsylvania


Dr.'s Pet: Cat: "Kaching" 






Our Technicians
Our Support Team

Our support team consists of a very dedicated and experienced group of technicians.  These are the people you see every day at the front counter, and you can count on them to handle your pets with gentle care and dignity.  They are truly the heart of the hospital.  Trained in our facility, and through ongoing continuing education programs, our team is proficient in a variety of areas including  pet nutrition, administration of anesthesia, surgical assisting and monitoring, dentistry, intravenous and subcutaneous fluid administration, critical care, phlebotomy, and radiology.  They  are knowledgeable about the products and services we provide, and they rise to the challenge daily to help you with all types of situations in dealing with problems facing you and your pets. All of them strive to be advocates for your pet's best health!



Rebecca Renfrew 
"Joined the Team in 2003"

Sarah Martineau, CVT
 "Joined the Team in 1999"

Jodi Croce, CVT  "Joined the team in 2010"

Melissa Guarino
 "Team Member since 1989"


Christa Beauvais  "Joined the Team in 2004"


Lindsay Harrison "Joined the team in 2006"


Sarah King "Joined the team in 2007"


Cory Sexton "Joined the team in 2011"


Amy Baer "Joined the team in 2007"


Denise Domenici "Joined the team in 2012"


Ryan Domenici "Joined the team in 2012"



Frederick Glomb, Manager  "Team Member since 2007"



Caring for family pets since 1931.

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